Overnight Camping Rates

   $49* Water, Electric, Sewer, Cable/Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi at office only)

Weekly Rate

   $275* plus $50 electric usage & optional cable service ($20.00)
   $50 electric deposit and full payment due on arrival

Monthly Rate

   $675 plus electric usage and optional cable service ($30.00)
   $100 electric deposit and first month's payment is due on arrival

* Rates are for up to 4 people. 
   Additional - adults $15.00 ea; children 6-10 $7.50 ea (children under 6 free)  

Construction Workers Special Rate


Tenting: Same rate as RV sites (limit to 6 persons/site)

Rowboat - Canoe - Raft - Kayak Launch Fee: 
  $10.00 per boat plus $2.00 per person

Tubing Launch Fee: 
  $5.00 per tube

       FREE PARKING                Propane - Firewood - Ice Available

All rates effective immediately.

We look forward to seeing you! 

Campground Policy: Use of camping site is not available for Permanent/Residential Occupancy

401 Shay Lane  Matamoras, PA 18336     (570) 491-4948      (800) 562-2663     www.tristatervpark.com

(email: info@tristatervpark.com)

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